Monday, 1 December 2014


Some of  the pictures of final event (Entrepreneur of Tomorrow) which happened on 29/11/2014 at Mwembetogwa secondary school hall in Iringa municipal.

The Entrepreneur Of  Tomorrow (EoT) competition is established by Tujiajiri Non-Governmental organization (TNGO) to support and help building local businesses in Tanzania and in this case with specific focus on the Iringa region where we started to build up capacity to secondary student on entrepreneurship skills through business ideas. Through this competition we would like to promote entrepreneurial spirit and also to change mindset of many students to stop thinking of being employed and start to think on using their surroundings (environment) as opportunity of them to become employers.
We encourage young people (secondary student) to take part in the opportunities emerging from their area of residence and ultimately see results through successful new businesses in Iringa. The competition is focusing on business ideas within the smaller service- and support businesses for a growing Iringa industry.

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