Tuesday, 9 August 2016

TNGO Farmer Field School

In pursuit of its mission, TUJIAJIRI have the following functions


TUJIAJIRI NGO has established Farmer Field School intentionally brings together concepts and methods from agroecology, experiential education and community development for Iringa residence of Iringa region and Tanzania.

TNGO FFS, farmers carried out experiential learning activities that helped them understand the ecology of their rice fields.

These activities involve simple experiments, regular field observations and group analysis. The knowledge gained from these activities enables participants to make their own locally specific decisions about crop management practices. This approach represents a radical departure from earlier agricultural extension programmes , in which farmers were expected to adopt generalized recommendations that had been formulated by specialists from outside the community.


Advanced method of preparation of tomato 

TNGO staffs at the field work (Farmer Field school) for iringa Residence

Government officials get information concerning with FFS Farmer Field School for the betterment of  Tanzania citizens.


Some secondary student perform the education they get from TUJIAJIRI NGO FFS 


TNGO Farmer Field School