Thursday, 4 August 2016

Tujiajiri NGO (TNGO) is a Non-government organization, a voluntary and non-profit organization which perform its function for the best interest of the people of IRINGA region and Tanzania mainland at large. The organization is registered by THE NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION ACT, 2002 under section 12 (2) of Act no 24 of 2002, with registration number 00NGO/00007544. The organization is offering provision of multidisciplinary education from the glass root of the school (primary level) to the university level and community in general particularly to youth and women
TUJIAJIRI aims at contributing and supporting the youths, poor men and women in Tanzania to improve their social-economic livelihood through improved income and quality of life on self-help basis.  The organization supports entrepreneurship initiatives, self-development projects and programs in sustainable manner through participatory methodology to respond to the growing problem of poverty in a number of ways.  In practice, the organization will work closely with Agriculture department, group of entrepreneur, Environmental Conservation Department, Community health, together with education and Information Communication Technology, working within Tanzania country.
1.  To enhance the formation of groups, partnerships and networks from both men and women to ensure their participation in the meaningful entrepreneurship and its contribution to the national economy.
2. To create awareness and advocacy in order to promote understanding on the nature of social services delivery, public policy, governance and accountability.
3.   To promote girls education and consciousness at primary and secondary schools in order to overcome fundamental and practical factors or parameters that constrains girls in reaching their expected goals.
4.      To address cross-cutting  issues such as mainstreaming gender, HIV/AIDS advocacy and awareness raising, care and support to vulnerable groups, environmental issues and capacity building in good governance, and participatory involvement of communities in the project cycle management.
 To enhance poverty reduction in Tanzania
To provide multidisciplinary education, create employment opportunity and increase livelihood.
In pursuit of its mission, TUJIAJIRI have the following functions
Education and Training:
Through seminars, training, workshops, meetings, discussion group and short courses concerning Multidisciplinary education (Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Environmental conservation, Community health, Information and Communication Technology).
a) In a proactive manner, define and articulate a panTanzania position on attained Sustainable Development for all people,
b). Represent Tanzania as a real developing country through empowering the youth and women to engage in production activities.
c). Develop mechanisms to deal with reduction of poverty in rural and urban area.
Coordinate donor efforts and input in Tanzanian agriculture, livestock keeping, entrepreneur, and social health, through identification and integrating community with development partner. 
b). Advocacy of Tanzanian needs and aspirations at National meetings,
c). Liaise with advocacy groups in developed countries that conduct research to solve
Problems in Tanzania,
d). Build coalitions with key stakeholders and advocacy groups on Poverty research reduction,
e). proactively identify issues that most affect Tanzanian Development strategies.

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